The winners of 2014 Vogue Fashion Fund, Marc Jacobs’s tweet shop….what’s new with the Beckhams.

The winners of the Vogue Fashion Fund were announced yesterday. Don’t worry if you have no idea what the Vogue Fashion Fund is, just know that being a winner or even being in the running is the biggest thing that can ever happen to a young designer. Sure winning Project Runway is kind of cool, this is on another different level. The winner is given $300,000 which comes with something that I would choose over money, being mentored by Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg. These ladies are kind of a BIG deal in fashion.
This year’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winners are Peter Pilotto’s  Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos. They will receive a year-long mentorship from Furstenberg and Wintour accompanied by the $300,000 reward. This also means that all the hottest fashionistas will be wearing their designs, Kerry Washington, Miranda Kerr have been spotted wearing the brand’s designs. Congratulations to them.

I lost $20 yesterday but after I heard of what Marc Jacobs is doing at his pop up shop, I hope whoever finds that bill really needs it. Marc Jacobs is opening a pop up shop where instead of using money, you pay using social media posts. Marc Jacobs is setting up the Marc Jacobs Daisy Tweet shop where customers pay for Jacobs products by posting on Instragram, Facebook or Twitter. The shop will be open from February 7th to 9th. Shoppers will be provided with food, drinks, a lounge and a photo booth. I do not know yet how much a tweet is worth but this is happening. What a great marketing idea.

Also the Beckhams are officially coming back to America. Victoria is opening up an office this February in New York while David is going to be part of the new MLS Miami soccer team. The announcement will be made in February. February is a good month for us. Back to the Mrs. Victoria collaborated with skype for her project called “Five Years-The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story” which will debut this Thursday in the form of an “interactive editorial”. The point of this project will be to tell us everything we need to know about Mrs. Beckham. I adore her so I will be checking it out.  Here is the trailer for the project.


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