Tune in to Noble from The Museum.

I went to the MFA over the weekend and I fancied the idea of going there on a date, in my nice dress with a nice well-dressed young man but no one had a more disappointing weekend like the Broncos. So while you recover with #EsuranceSave30 in hopes of getting back that money you lost for that shameful Broncos loss, keep in mind that I have a better chance of having dinner with David Beckham and that you can easily win money from our friends at The Museum.
The Museum started by Noble; a guy with comfortably fly style is a show about culture and talent. “We want to build an audience big enough to give talent especially those who usually otherwise would not have this opportunity, the chance to showcase what they have to offer the world,” said Noble. Every kind of talent is welcome to The Museum.

On top of supporting upcoming talent, The Museum gives away $50 to anyone who simply tunes in and finds the picture. “Putting a dollar amount on the pictures creates value to it. For a $50 picture, people will take their time to find a picture they think will win them that $50” said Noble. If you ask me, you have better chances winning from The Musuem than Esuarance. Also that $50 is free shipping at Forever 21, Love Culture and other stores. That’s free shipping for you!
No one leaves Reginah’s Runway without talking about fashion. Fashion, just like on my runway is also a big part of the museum. “We hope to work with different clothing lines to show the world their ideas,” said Noble. When it comes to the women, Noble likes a stylish woman who is not that much into trends. And for the shoe question, “Shoes say a lot about a woman and I personally prefer wedges on women” he said. “Wedges are just smoother to me, a different kind of fly” Noble added.
Here is the video of their first episode. Checkout their Twitter and Instagram @themuseumfile so you can see how you will win $50 because those wedges are not going to buy themselves.


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