Tune in to The Museum: This could be you but you are playing

The Museum, a new movement recently started to spread culture and talent in the city of Boston announced six winners earlier this week. All the winners had to do was tune in to The Museum, the feature of the month will announce their interests and all you have to do is google the picture, and send it in to The Museum. For example, if one of the feature’s interest is David Beckham, you just google David Beckham and then the best David Beckham picture that is worth $50 wins.
I caught up with C.J Gatz who is one of the six winners. We are very curious on my Runway.  “There’s so much talent and potential that gets overlooked. The Museum is giving that talent a platform to reach a bigger audience. It is amazing to see they are doing great things”.
“It’s about supporting a movement that I believe in.”

Of course we talked fashion, C.J has an urban skater style and when it comes to comfort, and he goes for either crewnecks or basketball shorts.  Prints on hoodies are trending for guys. 

Catch up with The Museum when you get a chance, taking a few minutes might win you $50.

Check out their Youtube Channel 

I bet if I put on my “get shit done” shoes, I might have some time to catch up with SpydaEsco, the first feature of The Museum. His style is dope.


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