MEN'S FASHION: Passed by The MUSEUM to get to the KINGDOM.

You just came from the gym ready to call it a 2K night until you got 3 shots of heeney and your boys have convinced you that this is your night. Now, before you go out to be the king of the night, you might want to take off that white t-shirt first.

Reginah’s Runway Men’s Fashion Pet peeve #3 is going out in your white t-shirts especially when it’s not summer. That shows no effort at all, it shows laziness and my shoes will make sure to stay far away from that white tee. That is exactly why my shoes took me straight to our friends at The MUSEUM to see if they knew the solution to this. The solution was the Kingdom.

 Based in Boston, the Kingdom is a clothing line dedicated to all kings and by kings I mean those who would never go out to rule the night in their white t-shirts. Eric has been working on this line for a while now with different names and concepts with only one mission; to help you transition your look from casual “I just came from ball” to a dressier look.

One of my favorite shirts is the Martin Luther King one. It will add personality to your closet.
The prices are very reasonable too. As they work on the Queen’s chambers, for what is a kingdom without a queen? Check out the Kingdom at their crown.  It is updated often with sizing availability.    

Switch it up.This is also a nice way to participate in the wild animal trend. 


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