REGINAH'S RUNWAY COMMITTEE: For the record, there is no shame in being a pretty boy.

I’m going to take this one with a grain of salt although I’m certainly not taking it lying down. (I might choke on it) The idea of masculinity should be based on how a man treats a woman.  At least that’s what we think on REGINAH’S RUNWAY. So, why do I get a feeling that guys hate being called “pretty boy.” These are things that us girls should know so I called in the fashion council and it was quiet interesting.

This is what I got. Most guys don’t like the word pretty boy (duh) although it usually depends on the guy. But if you are and that is the truth then there is no shame in it.
“If you actually are one, you hate it. But ugly motherfuckers love it like free drinks”

This is the definition of pretty boy on REGINAH’S RUNWAY. A pretty boy is a MAN who is confident in his fashion with a clean cut look. Definitely trendy, nice smile. Can rock the facial hair almost better than Beckham. Of course he has to be well mannered and smart.

 Being called a “pretty boy” on REGINAH’S RUNWAY means that you are seated in the same row as Beckham. You have made it.

Just in case you want further proof that there is no shame in being a pretty boy. 

And Jared Leto, the prettiest one of all. 


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