CUPCAKE SALE...She’s the First: Lasell College Chapter

She’s the First is an organization that sponsors girl’s education in developing countries, giving them the chance to become the first in their families to graduate from secondary school.

There are 83 colleges that have She’s the First as a club and Lasell College is one of them. That is why this week, She’s the First is walking on my runway on a mission wearing determined shoes.  

My friends and I got to baking, frosting and now are selling cupcakes to make it possible for girls in developing countries who dream of going to school but think it is impossible. Imagine if someone could make your craziest dream come true simply by buying a cupcake? 

Around the world, 250 million adolescent girls live in poverty and when international development funds are allocated, less than two cents of every dollar is directed specifically to girls. And more than the magic of shoes (Cinderella reference) we believe that “when you invest in a girl’s education, she feeds herself, her children, her community and her nation.”

The cupcake  sale is going on for the whole week. They will also be freshly baked so there will be a lot of baking this week.

You don’t have money, that is okay, we will sit down and count the coins too J  Don’t forget we have our “determined shoes” on.

The cupcakes are $2 and donations are more than welcome. So that these girls can be the first. I am the first in my family to write a blog.

What are you first in your family for?  Check out She’s the First on Twitter,  and Like us on Facebook to see what we are up to. The more money we raise, the more girls’ we  will be able to


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