Tune in to The MUSEUM and get 15% off WINNER'S CIRCLE LIFE$TYLE.

We do like to keep up with our friends at The MUSEUM just like we like to keep up with the trends, seems like there is always something new.  Side note, in case you didn’t get the memo, sneaker wedges are out. Not that they should have been in to begin with. Anyways, this month, The MUSEUM is doing something new for the winners. Geesh, you still get your money and something more. More than what you are thinking now, they are giving a promo code of 15% off any WINNERS CIRCLE LIFE$TYLE gear.

I love this brand so much. They have dope gear for any style.  I wish I was one of those girls who pull off the beanie look because they have these really amazing beanies. Since you are one of those girls who can pull off the beanie look so well, start looking in case you become 1 of the 6 MUSEUM winners.

Tune in to The MUSEUM, watch the video, get to goggling and tell me all about it. Ohh by the way, THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A PICTURE IS TOMORROW and PROMO CODES ONLY TO WINNERS!


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