Lasell College Fashion: Dashaun Hightower Designs 2014

The Lasell college fashion show is this weekend. It is one of the most exciting weekends since it’s a fashion school and all so we get pretty excited. On my Runway, we always plan to make it a Fashion Week type of event. That is why we are starting off the week with some of the work of the student designers. Their work is so good that every show, there is always that one designer whose clothes I would wear.

 Dashaun Hightower is a Junior Fashion Design major who showed his collection earlier this month at the Lasell College AnnualMini- Fashion Show.

This collection was made for a relaxed and cool girl who has a drop of London taste in her style. The color palate consisted of shades of blues, grey and white flowing from dark to light. Most of the fabrics that were used were wool hounds, chiffon and more wool with lightweight knits.

 This look is very chic and one of the few that I want in my closet. I think it’s very Mrs. Beckham…if you know what I mean

After looking at the simple sexiness and sass of his designs, it only makes sense that we make Dashaun our Man Crush Monday.



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