Lasell College Fashion: Rufus Dixon IV Designs and the crop top trend.

I have mastered a few things on my runway.  Making scrap books but one of my favorite is wearing crop tops during all seasons.  A crop top is a staple item and you can do a lot with them, depending on what kind of girl you are. They can be casual, classy or slutty…..really depending on what kind of girl you are.

Because I know them too well, I can always spot a good crop miles away. To continue with the Lasell College Fashion Week, I paid a visit to Lasell Fashion Alumni  Rufus Dixon IV Designs to see what he had. I am very familiar with his work and when it comes to crop tops, he speaks my language. There is nothing better than that feeling you get when you feel like a designer understands you through his designs. 

 We are all familiar with the amazing things that Rufus does with leather and if you don’t then you are late to the party. He also has crops in capes as well. Now where do you see that at? 

My favorite is this leather crop. It is sexy, fierce. To me, it sends off some sort of feminist message that my inner feminist and Beyonce would approve.  <-- That’s me reading fashion by the way.

 Don’t you just want to be part of his leather Mafia?

All pictures are from Rufus Dixon IV Designs. He has more, go check him out and don’t forget to go BACKSTAGE. I have a fashion weekend coming up and you might want to tune in.


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