Part of being a gentleman is knowing the rules of a tie, a bowtie so you can imagine my reaction when GQ paired bowties with sneakers in their March April for "The League of Extraordinary Well-Dressed Gentlemen" featuring James Harden, Joakim Noah.  Basketball players try to be fashion fearless and I appreciate the effort really but wearing a bowtie with sneakers is a complete NO. NO NO NO.  Especially if the shoes are the only casual part of the look. Lebron James was given a neat spread so I easily overlooked that little misstep.

So here is something to think about especially on casual Friday. When wearing a button down shirt by itself. MAKE SURE that you have two buttons unbuttoned instead of one. It is one of my biggest men's fashion pet peeves. I don't know about you but you look more relaxed and confident if you have two unbuttoned. 

It is also sexy so think twice about it when on a date. It is what cleavages are to men. It bothers me so much to a point that I want to point it out when I see it. I can't solve your problems but I can solve your fashion ones. 
I would ask GQ Magazine for their opinion on this but they are the guys who paired a bowtie with sneakers, I would take my side on this one ;)

The shoes with the bowtie? It doesn’t make sense at all.

I was kind of okay with this look because it matches well and it was the classic Adidas.


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