Men’s Fashion: This is your summer, let’s add color to your closet.

Finally the nice warm weather is here and you sir are in a much different warmer place ad wearing those plain white tees will is not cutting it.  Without going out to spurge on a totally new wardrobe, I have one word that will do that for you and it’s not money, its color. In the men’s fashion trends, we are adding color to our wardrobe….in a manly way of course.

If you have been on my runway before, you know how I feel about men in colored pants. Yes, my interest in the colored pants trends has not changed at all. The colored pants trend will help you make a bold sexy fashion statement. Don’t be afraid to have a striking yellow pair, pastel shades are great too. Colored trousers will breathe life into your wardrobe that your girl will stop asking to put outfits together for you during special occasions. You got this.

If you want to take this to a trendier step, pair your outfits in the same color family. For example, if you are wearing your blue chinos pair them with a different shade of blue shirt, polo or tee.

You can wear your colored trousers with a white button-down shirt or a printed shirt and a nice pair of shoes. H&M got you with those printed shirts. 
Stay with me….
If you are not as crazy about colored pants, try adding color in your blazers. For this one, it is up to you to choose what colors you want because you will find any shade under the sun on the racks. Keep in mind your personal style and skin tone (very important) but if you ask me, I would love to see you in any shade of cream, blue, green pink and red. We are walking on thin ice with this one so keep the bottom half of the outfit neutral- like navy or grey trousers.  You can put your blazer with a button down, go crazy with the tie. I love it when a guy has a nice tie game and pair it with some dope derbies or your favorite shoes.

Important thing to remember when choosing a blazer is that although double and single breasted jackets are becoming popular, they are for a specific body shape or size. I’m talking about tall men and those with muscular frames. But a two-button design is a classic style for all body types and it’s much more relaxing so we should probably stick with this one.

Rumor has it that, men’s feet hurt from shoes. Who knew that men had shoe problems. We will revisit that later but if you are not feeling the blazer and there is no way you are getting in a pair of colored pants (BOOOOOOOO!!!) playing with color in your footwear probably sounds much more appealing. To help you with your “shoe problems”, remember that derbies and loafers are good for warm weather so your shoes will not stink. P.s such a turn off when a guy has smelly shoes(duhh) so to avoid that happening, buy baby powder and put it in your shoes whenever you have free time. Trust me.

It is a good idea to own a pair of suede shoes. It is more breathable and its natural texture gives more depth to color. Grab a pair of Oxfords, monk-straps, Derbies or loafers in a bright color to allow them to speak for your look.

We are keeping bright shoes for your casual look because energetic shoes will easily cheapen formal attire. For your formal look, trade in your black shoes with brown ones. I don’t think I have told you how I feel about men’s brown dress shoes.
I know I can hold your attention for so long when it comes to fashion so I will conclude this by saying that floral shirts are also this summer’s must have and also a great conversation starter.

Botanical prints have made their presence very aware in men’s fashion trends. Don’t shy away from full on Hawaiian prints or subtle paisley and floral prints. What I’m saying is that if it’s a print shirt and you are questioning whether it is acceptable for a guy to wear it then go for it. 

So I want to know, which one of these you are willing to try or will fit more in your style. Try one and see the compliments come in.

All pictures from Pinterest.

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