SHOE CARE: Always remember to keep your shoes clean.

I’m one of those people who think that a pair of shoes tells so much about a person. A person of shoes cans save someone’s live or change it or whatever. Ask fuckin Cinderella.
As I walk on my runway, I always try to make sure that my shoes are kept clean. That is something that I was taught when I was a child, the shoes had to always be clean. Can you imagine having a great outfit only to pair it with a dirty pair of shoes…..what is the point of that?

Aldo has a great lotion that is good with cleaning leather. This leather gently cleans and conditions leather under all different types of weather.

Or you can invest in a shoe trees. These are crucial and can be your best friend if you like to keep your shoes for a while. They give a chance to your worn out shoes to contract and dry out to their original shape.  Get the less decorative unvarnished ones, they are more effective.  It is good to use these in the hour or two after you have removed your shoes.

If they are salt stains, use the old school trick of vinegar and water carefully.

There are many ways to keep your shoes clean. Sometimes it means polishing them or whatever trick you have. And sometimes it means saying sorry or doing anything else that clears your conscious……because no one wants to send an outfit down their runway with dirty shoes. What is the point in that? And what a waste in an “outfit” that would be?

So when you go to buy your next pair of shoes and you are offered an item for shoes care, think about it. It will be worth it in the long run.

So tell me my readers, how do you keep your shoes clean? 


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