WOULD YOU SPLURGE: Givenchy sells $300 Lipstick. Kanye West’s latest fashion project.

Money, money,money must be funny in a rich man’s world. If you thought the $50 Christian Louboutin nail polish was a bit pricey (well I thought so) but wait until you hear this, Givenchy will be selling a limited edition of crocodile skin encased lipstick for only $300. Only 3,000 of these cases will be available. Inside, there will be the brand’s signature deep red. Which is glamorous especially for black tie events. The case can be reused with another lipstick from the brand’s Le Rouge line.
 Maybe Mrs. West would splurge on the lipstick because Kanye West has a fashion collaboration. Remember the Giuseppe Zanotti heel that was inspired by the art work from his Cruel Summertime album? Well, the brand has taken that design that design and removed the heel and dipped them in gold. Only one pair of six makes up the anniversary collection of the brand and are available for $1,695. See at this point, you might as well help me pay for my college tuition.
 Also have you seen Kanye West in this month’s GQ issue? I loved it; I think he needs to hire a speech coach so that he can project his ideas in a better way. Speaking of GQ, I got this beauty trick from this month’s issue and it works but I’m resistant to share it with you.

But with $300 lipstick and sandals worth $1,695, you might as well go do some charity. 


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