A couple that endorses together…… Nick Young and Iggy Azalea for Forever 21 Holidays. #Ponchoseason

Nick Young and Iggy Azalea are the faces of  Forever 21’s Holiday Campaign. Shit, that means that the holidays are around the corner.


Anyways, the adorable couple shot a couple of shoots for the brand where Young got to feel the pressures of the fashion world; Azalea told interviews that it was fun watching her boyfriend realize how tiresome photo shoots were


The pictures are nice. The couple is somewhere between interesting and boring. I think she gave him a style upgrade so thank you Iggy.

She is almost there…not yet but she seems to be making the smart moves. P.s they started talking after Young mentioned her as his “Woman Crush Wednesday” on social media.

The couple’s cute love is perfect for the brand’s customer.  Also grab some chic ponchos from Forever 21. I know I need one or two.

Images from the Net


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