I can sit through a cricket game, I know a thing or two about basketball and I can talk your ears off when it comes to football….that is if it is the football from the other side of the pond -I am a gunner for life But when it comes to American football, the best I can give you is three minutes.

What I am trying to say is that I don’t know many things about American football. Honestly, it doesn’t intrigue me much. But so far, I know two things; Colin Kaepernick is a very handsome man and that the football commentators are the best dressed in all sports commentators.

I wish the basketball ones dressed more GQ than they do. The unfitted suits and the big ties are such a woof. The soccer commentators are a meeeh while the football ones are doing it well. Their suits are more fitted and the ties are the right size. It is very simple, skinny ties are in but we don’t want them too “skinny”, not very many men can pull that look off. So to make things simple, your tie should always be wider than your penis. (GQ approves this and it is okay only if they do)

I don’t even know their names but I know that the NFL commentators on ESPN are the best dressed. That might be enough reason to give the sport more than three minutes.  

I know I have not posted in a while but I am back; so let’s talk fashion!!

Hello Kaepernick


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