Reginah's Runway Favorite Apps : Adidas app #mizxflux lets you print on sneakers. GQ gets excited

Adidas just launcged an app called #mizxflux. This app lets you print your own photos on the label’s new runner.  You can print kittens, puppies, and your baby…. really anything you want.  GQ Magazine took the app to the test using the beautiful women that we aspire to be. They used Katty Perry, Megan Fox, Rihanna, Beyonce. Basically boobs! boobs! Boobs! everywhere. The only downside of this is that Adidas has a “no famous people” thing therefore you cannot have Katty Perry’s boobs on your feet.

The shoes look dope. I guess the question is if you could print them, would you?

Images from GQ


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