Reginah's Runway Favorite Apps: Dress Me App.

Speaking of apps, there is this fashion app called Dress Me that every fashionista has got to download. Now it might not let you print images on your sneakers but it will help you get your outfits quicker.

The Dress Me app is an app dedicated to make putting together outfits easier for you. This app is what happens when your personal stylist and your favorite store are in one place. There are looks for any occasion, style or weather. Is it freezing cold and you would like to wear something other than sweatpants, dress me has you covered. Are you having a rough week that you would rather not express through your attitude, Dress Me has the perfect outfit options that will help you with ways to express what you are feeling in your style.

On mornings that I “have nothing to wear” I check on the app for some inspiration.

Apart from helping you decide what to wear, the app also focuses on stylists. Stylists are needed at Dress Me to come up with outfits. This might be the only platform or one of the few that are there to help stylists. I know how hard it can be for stylists to find work outside of their closets and this is the perfect place to be as a stylist.

Here is a video of howyou would get a look together. It is quiet easy but you need style and ambition.

Here is the Facebook and Twitter page for the app. Do not forget to download the app because mornings have never been easier for a fashionista.


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