William Levy is Reginah’s Runway Sexiest Man Alive.

First of all, I would like to say that People Magazine finally got it right and named Chris Hemsworth the Sexiest Man Alive. But as always, I will disagree with People Magazine when it comes to their top pick. Not because Chris is not the sexiest man alive but because we have been knowing this and I called this two years ago.

So here is the thing People Magazine, it is 2014 and 2014’s sexiest man alive is William Levy. So you heard it here on Reginah’s Runway first, William Levy is the sexiest man alive of 2014 and I need to give People Magazine about two years to catch on. 

On a side note, you should just have given it to both the Hemsworth brothers. Let’s be honest, Liam is not that far away from his brother. But I’m just enjoying my green tea.
Why do we care about who the sexiest man alive is when we all know that it’s you….yes you! Well because of this. What do you think of my pick?
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