Men's Fashion: Being a Knicks fan is fashionably not as bad as their bench.

I wonder how our friends at the Knickstape are doing. Go like them on Facebook, even though you are not a sad Knicks fan and you just want to laugh at sad Knicks fan.

About 4 days ago almost a week ago being a Knicks fan wasn’t as bad as the season they are having. The New York Knicks teamed up with Public School’s Black Apple line to give fans something to get excited about.

The collection includes long and short sleeve T shirts, sweaters, hoodies and snapbacks with slogans “New York Made and “Hustle” as well as logos from Black Apple and the Knicks. The designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne used their favorite color black and as well as the Knick’s colors; blue and orange. (Side note, the blue and orange mix for some reason only works the Knicks way…don’t try this at home)


Maybe if they went retail shopping they wouldn’t suck as much. As an Arsenal fan, we can share our coupons. What do you think of the merch?


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