More than Cinderella expected: Designers recreate her glass slipper.

Between the All Star Weekend and Fifty Shades, I was pretty content with this week until I got to see the new glass slipper. Fuckin Cinderella (A pretty woman reference that I hope you caught) got new glass slippers. Many people had something negative to say about these sketches but here is a reason why there opinions don't matter...Its nine designers and if you know Cinderella the way I know it, you would understand that this is a big deal for her. The girl did not even know what she was wearing to the ball but now she has nine designers making shoes for her.

Paul Andrew, Alexandre Birman, RenĂ© Caovilla, Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Nicholas Kirkwood, Charlotte Olympia,  Jerome C. Rousseau, and Stuart Weitzman all participated  in the project. Also do not forget that time Papa Louboutin created one for her. At this point if I was Cinderella, I would keep the shoes and Prince Charming to be on his way unless he dresses like Russell Westbrook.

I liked this bootie slipper because its the first time Cinderella's slipper has looked like this. This is the kind of Cinderella who would show up in a sexy pantsuit.

sketch by Stuart Weitzman
This one is all for the sassy Cinderellas. You really need to loose this slipper so that he can come find you because your step sisters cant handle the sass.
sketch by René Caovilla
Classy Cinderella.  This one is one of my favorites. I am excited for the movie and I'm glad this is happening. I could see Cinderella rocking this. It shows the elegance and grace.
sketch by Paul Andrew
The movie is coming out March 13. Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and Beverly Hills stores will have Cinderella window displays with the collection and the costumes from the films. In case you are in the area of these stores, take pictures and share.

sketch by Nicholas Kirkwood,


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