Fashion News Breakdown: Guess wins Gucci copyright lawsuit and H&M gets a new Man.

This is the busiest time of the year for holidays, red carpet and fashion controversies. Gucci lost its trademark violation case against Guess. The Italian label has all intentions to bring an appeal against the decision. This has been in Italian and American courts was closed in Paris on Friday when the court ruled that no trademark violation, no counterfeiting and no unfair competition has occurred. 

According to documents, Gucci wanted $90 million in damages from Guess because of its repeated use of the GG pattern, Gucci script logo and red and green stripe. Gucci has been filing case after case for six years now. If they had focused their work on business instead of this case, Gucci would be far away business wise. Gucci would have been fine because they have what Guess does not have; pop culture references and support. But you create something, you must believe in it so good luck to Gucci.

In other news, Valentine’s is around the corner that means that Mr. Grey is almost ready for you but before he does that. You need to know that H&M got a new man. We are not replacing David Beckham yet but Ximon Lee has won this year’s H&M Design Award. He is the first ever menswear designer to do so. 

 The Parsons School of Fashion graduate was stunned when he was announced as the winner. He is at the beginning of his career and you can see the raw talent that he has; he could change menswear. He gets a $57 million check and a chance to develop pieces from his collection to be sold at H&M stores and online later this month. Good for him.

Speaking of Beckham. He is still with H&M and has a new collection that he models himself. Check more HERE. I never take the fact that he models his collections for granted. 


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