Show Review: 3.1 Phillip Lim Ready to Wear.

Turning 22 next week only calls for a style change. It does not mean that we are going for a shopping spree, it means that we are going to change around the styling and the way somethings are done.  I took a look (more like I could not wait for it) at Phillip Lim’s ready to wear collection which gave me a few ideas about what I could do. The collection was very hip. 

 Although his year marks the 10th anniversary of 3.1 Phillip Lim and the brand just broke its system and changed a few things around. It’s never too late to change things around…

 This kind of amazing work is nothing new for Lim. He always outdoes himself. I loved the punchy take on sportswear and the menswear-inspired tailoring that had a streetwise attitude. A lot of designers have been playing around with sportswear and menswear inspirations but nobody is better at it than Lim. If you take a second look at Tommy  Hilfiger collection, he did use a lot of sports inspirations too. Lim had a lot of punk references. Gwen Stefani would fall in love with this collection. The collection has the perfect discipline and disorder.

 I would have put hats on some looks. We are all about the hats this season. What do you think of the collection? Why haven’t you gone BACKSTAGE with me?

 The collection is bigger than this. These are just my favorite looks. More of Phillip Lim at Vogue.


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