Show Review: Michael Kors finally gets it right.

Something that I found more surprising than those Beyoncé photos that were leaked yesterday( make up will ruin your skin even if you are Beyoncé and we will talk more about that) was how good Micheal Kors’ collection was. I love Kors, he used to be a great mentor on Project Runway and he would be a good mentor for Reginah’s Runway but when it comes down to it, he is a basic designer. I found myself rolling my eyes every time I saw something of his, it would be a simple skirt that is expensive only because his name is on it. But Kors just woke up because his RTW collection impressed me. 

 I call him the Taylor Swift of fashion, you can always relate to her usual songs just like one can always rely on Kors when it comes to dressing real women. There was not one look that came down his runway that women would not want unless you are anti-fur because there was plenty of it I loved every second of it.

He took designs that we are used to and made them even better than they originally were. I guess this is one of the things that make him a great designer and why working chic women love him. 

What did you think of his collection? Is Michael Kors the Taylor Swift of fashion?

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