Show Review: Moschino RTW Fall 2015.

Jeremy Scott is the Jared Leto of fashion designers. Even when he makes questionable designs, you love them because he is a pure genius. For his recent collection, he took us way back when the times were easier and more colorful. He started with quilted leather and nylon in Lego Man colors. If you are a brave fashion soul, you might pee your pants from excitement.

He sent down five models side by side in shirts- no pants- that had the images of Bug Bunny, Porky Pig and the gang swagged out in Moschino bling. The accessories were perfect too.  He had so many chain-lock necklaces, a bag shaped like a giant padlock.

I could not control my emotions when I got to the denim part. I have remember the last time I got the desires to wear a denim skirt; that was way before I got boobs. And now, here is this guy; doing great things with denim and I want those denim pants most importantly.  Rihanna is probably going to own this collection by the time you are done reading this.


If I was forced to choose my favorite look, i would go with this one. The chicness is beyond me. 

He did it all the way to the finale which featured classic pageant gowns with the old fashioned colorful graffiti. The best part is, everything was current. I’m in WOW

 Jeremy fuckin' Scott
Images from Vogue UK 


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