Show Review: What we loved about Ready to Wear Zac Posen.

 Dear Zac Posen, you are doing everything right. There are a lot of things I loved about his collection. I loved his front row. Mary J Blige, Rihanna, Kesha (in a polished look) Katie Holmes, Coca Rocha and Christina Hendricks. These are all women we look up to and there has got to be a reason why they were there. 

Mary J Blige who always speaks the truth said something about Posen that I though was the most accurate thing about him. “He does a lot of stretch things for women that have curves.” The only person who was good at that was McQueen. So we love you Zac Posen for that.

He wanted the elegance of “Grace Kelly meeting the spice of Chaka Khan” in his collection which we saw and appreciated. We love you Zac Posen for loving the women that we adore.

Zac Posen is the King of draping. Every time he does it, he makes it look new and easy. We love you Zac Posen for that.

There was lots of well-tailored looks which were accessorized with his signature eye-wear and mink neck scarves. If you think we love you for your draping, wait until you hear about our love for your tailoring

His gowns had elegant shoulder draping, patterned waist cutouts and bugle beading and Naomi Campbell closed the show so we love you for that.

Zac Posen’s runway is always the most diverse one. It is no secret that we need more diversity when it comes to fashion especially on the runway so it’s always a blessing to see Zac Posen use more than one black model and we more than love you for that.

Dear Zac Posen, you are doing everything right.


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