2015 RTW Dolce & Gabbana is a family affair.

Every time I see a Dolce & Gabbana ad, it looks like a family you would like to be part of. So when I saw a pregnant woman walking down the runway with a smile during the RTW show, I was not shocked at all. A mother was wearing a matching outfit with her daughter which I thought was sweet. Everything was as perfect as D&G could be. Once more, I find myself wanting to be a D&G woman. This is what I think of her: she is a hard working mother who loves throwing brunches on beautiful Sunday afternoon. And on Mondays, she will start off her week in a beautiful black lacey number after being woken up with some amazing sex. Therefore the D&G woman likes Mondays. That is why I want to be a D&G woman because I would like to love Mondays. This collection was pure gold. Come with me Backstage.


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