Laser Spotlight: April Canavan Designs

Although the Spring weather refuses to kick in, we are going ahead with our Spring fashion. The spring season is Lasell College’s fashionseason. When the dining hall is not a runway, the students are on the runway showing off their hard work and probably their late nights.

We are starting with April Canavan’s designs. April is a Senior Fashion Design Major who is working on her collection. I will share it with you after it walks down the runway but for now, this is what April has been working on the past three years leading to her collection at the Senior Fashion Show. 

April would describe her personal style as athletic. She has a very interesting point of view when it comes to fashion. She makes beautiful gowns but gowns that will let you slouch a little if you need breathing space. Her designs are the type of designs that every girl can see herself in, whether you have an athletic style or feminine, there is comfort for you in her designs.  

These are the accessories she made in her accessories class. Very chic. I love her subtle and feminine use of color. You can see a small dose of her athletic style in her designs. 

She does try not to look at other designers for inspiration but draws inspiration from the  girl she is designing for. The shell non textile is one of my favorite non textile pieces that I have ever seen.  I cannot wait to share with you her collection when the time comes. What do you think of Canavan’s designs? 

That is the perfect length of trousers.


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