Men’s Trends: Again with the bucket hats?

When it comes to trends, magazines have a say in it. They have the best trend forecasters and get opinions from trendsetters, they also have access to fashion shows. That is why it’s time to pick up the magazines that you trust to see what we have in stores for spring trends. When I checked in with GQ Magazine, they seemed to be really excited about the bucket hats for the spring which is so unfortunate because I thought that we were giving the bucket hats trend a rest.

I have seen some men and women pull off bucket hats but after reflecting on them,  Reginah’s Runway cannot help but conclude that the  bucket hats  were fly until they became a staple item in the  “fuck boys” closet and we left “fuck boys” in 2014. I am really tired of this trend and I think that we should give it a rest and come up with better ways of styling it.

All I’m saying is that unless you wear bucket hats like August Alsina or Rihanna then maybe you just shouldn't……give the trend a rest.

So GQ Magazine, Imma let you finish but we left the bucket hats in 2014.

What are your thoughts about bucket hats? 


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