Rihanna is the first Black Woman to be the face of Dior: So what?

When I heard that Rihanna was the new face of Dior, I was very happy because I am part of her Navy. She has been the face of fashion and trends for a while now so it should not be a surprise. My question is, why do we have to mention the fact that she is the first black woman to get this job. Why did it take Dior that long to have a black woman represent their brand? And now that they have finally hired a black woman, are we supposed to applaud the brand?  Have you ever read an article saying that "this is the first white woman" to do something. If you have, please share it with me. We could easily have celebrated her new pay check without focusing on the fact that she is a black woman but now that we are talking about it, we need to talk about the lack of diversity in fashion. 

  We keep on recycling trends the least we can do is create new trends; like having more diversity on the runway. 


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