Show Review: Bill Gaytten taking John Galliano’s brand in the right direction.

Everything in Paris Fashion Week has been well tailored, layered and very cozy. More than the bright colors this spring, it looks like we are getting cozy this spring. John Galliano Ready-To -Wear had me ready and out to conquer the world had it been in my closet.
The collection was very easily styles, if you look closely, you can put together at least five of these looks from your closet right now. Bill Gaytten is doing wonderful things for this brand, he is a pure genius. Gaytten focused on bright colors for his Ready - To- Wear collection.  He used poppy reds, orchid purples and that beautiful gold color that I love so much. The color pallet in this collection is perfect for dark skin tones. 

 The designer explained his approach as “merging a youthful look with brilliant craftsmanship,” a thing I think he did very well.

 I’m putting my other favorite collections Backstage.

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