Show review: Mrs Prada’s Mui Mui fille est oui oui!

Bonjour, everything is looking good in Paris, the sun is finally out in Boston and we are still stressing about the little things. There comes a time when we need to be reminded why do certain things or why you love certain things. For example, the weather will be so beautiful and you will think about going for a run because you are reminded of why you love running. For me, it was going through the mui mui ready to wear collection at Vogue.UK. Everything about that collection is pure genius. The colors are bold but not too bright. The materials are not plain, there is a London girl meets madam chic about these looks. When it came to the sexy pieces like the leather dress, it was dressed in a classy manner but the sexiness was still there. The girl this collection was made for is a nerd. It was daring, brave and classy.

 Fashion can be read. Not in fashion books but when you look at a designer’s collection, through the designs, fit and the way the pieces are styled. You can try to get into their head. I feel like I know what How did you read it?


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