The Westbrook style file.

I like Russell Westbrook. I like his style, he attractiveness is interestingly hot because it is almost a miss. The height is fine and his game is on point.
Some outfits are always on point.Sometimes it all makes sense

And other times it is only for him. His boldness just makes it sexy and then fashionable.
It is very brave for a big boy to wear pants like this and not even question his moves. That is what makes him a great basketball player. He does not question his moves.

Sometimes it’s a win

God bless America but other times it is a fine. The hoodie made my eyes roll to the back of my head. 

But his style file is really his beautiful lady. Her name is Nina Earl and they met at UCLA when she was getting her Masters in Psychology. So she is beauty and brains. It’s good to know that smart girls are still winning with the ballers. We decided to see how Russell’s girl is like so we through her Instagram. Okay maybe I did but since you are here, you did too.

I had to  follow her on Instagram. She is doing the damn thing. I like her.

They are a cute couple. 

She is very supportive of bae. She has a sense of humor and style. 

You know, it’s not only Bey and Hov doing it. 


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