Dress Me Up for the Easter Weekend.

                     Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It’s like the Spring Thanksgiving and whether you are going to church, egg hunting or just hang out with the family and watch Arsenal take on Everton, it is a weekend to spend with family and friends.

                      I’m not sure whether spring is coming or not but we are going to dress like it is already here. Here are my outfit inspirations for this Easter weekend from my Dress Me app. You should download it, it really saves you when it comes to styling your closet. The theme is going to be feminine and chic. Lots of flowers and bright colors to match those Easter eggs. I will choose one of these looks for my weekend look and will share it with you if I really want to. You can also share yours if you really want to, I would love for you to share your Easter look on my runway but I cannot force you so here are my top 5 from the Dress Me app. 

                                                       Fedora Hat 

This blue dress is for those who do not like dressing up that much. I know a few of you and it is not a bad thing, there are ways that you can avoid wearing your yoga pants to family dinners, bring out your sundress or a dress with a cozy cut like this one and pair it with some comfy sandals. You do not have to wear heels with this look unless you are dying to break out your wedges. 

I love this sweater outfit. It is comfortable yet chic and seasonal. A cozy way you can dress up your flower print skirt or pants is by pairing them with a sweater. You can pair this look with your boots, you do not have to wear heels but the heels would be the trick to making it look dressier than it actually is. 

 This is my favorite look but it is not the one I'm getting inspiration from. I love the colors of the dress and how you can play with them with accessories. This one was inspired by my Older sister Linda's style. And because it is Linda, we are definitely wearing heels with this one but if you can find sandals that will make it look as dressy with the heels then go for it.


I love this loo as well. The butterfly print is flirty and young. The length of the dress is appropriate and perfect. The heels do not have to be too long. You can wear whatever you want, I cannot 
 force you to do anything that you do not want to do but can you please play around with the accesroires? Dont be afraid of color, we have been waiting a cold winter to end so that we can wear color like this. 


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