Happy National Siblings’ day #whatthebrotherswore #GQsuitweek

                 We are ending a#GQsuitweek which I was apparently reallyexcited about with National siblings’s day which is pretty exciting too. Shout out to my siblings, could not be the woman I am today without you. I am the youngest of many so I have a lot to look up to.

                   I might post my favorite stylish siblings BACKSTAGE and you might go check it out but I might not. But what I will do is share these handsome stylish brothers with you. One of the comments I got from you guys was about how great FABM (Fine Ass Black Men for those of you who do not speak the internet language) look in suits. Every time I brought up the topic of men in suits, the FABMs were the favorite.

                     I follow these brothers on Instagram (#whatthebrotherwore ) who post pictures of what they wear when they are just hanging out, just being brothers. So far all there looks have been on point and I thought I should share their style with you.

Their style has been sharp, clean, simple, classic and handsome since day one.

                      One of the best things about having siblings is that you get to shop in their closet and them in yours whenever they I can. My older sister would shop from my brother’s closet because it is what siblings do. They inspire us and depending on the type they are, help us grow. It is even better when you share the same interest in things. It is always better when they match your style.  Check out what the brothers wore. Have a great weekend! Hang out with your siblings or something.

What do you think of their style? 


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