Laser Spotlight: Lloyd Hall Designs

Another Laser Designer that we really love on my Runway is Lloyd Hall. I fell in love with Llyod’s design style when I saw this design in 2013. He is amazing with costume designs but when it comes to everyday wear, he does it well too 

It was classic and sexy something that you see reappear in his designs. He designs for the everyday woman on the go. She has to dress professionally but she can easily turn her look around with no time. That is why I like his designs, they are easily relatable for a girl like me.

His recent collection is inspired by science fiction and classic film noir movies. He kept the color palette in neutral tones with hints of pastel blues here and there.
The way he cuts those pants suits is everything. 

I had an “Oh my God I have to tell my Runway about this” moment when I saw this blue dress. The dress is made from fiber optic fabric which lights up. I love when designers do wonderful things with glitter, this dress however impressed me on another level. He is also brilliantly down to earth something which reflects in his designs.

The dressed was captured in the dark which made me fall in love with the color even more. 
Taken by Olivia Slaughter 

Just some of the wonderful Laser talent that we have. What do you think of Lloyd Hall’s designs? 

Taken by Olivia Slaughter 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lloyd Hall!!!
Images provided by Lloyd Hall 


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