Men’s Fashion: As long as you got your suit and tie #GQsuitstyle

This week is GQ is celebrating suits. This week, my college is dedicating it to condom-sense. You know what women love more than a man who can cook, a man who looks good in a suit. That is why we need some suit tips to go with the condom-sense because you will never look better than you do when you are wearing a great suit. To get that great look, there are small things you need to keep in mind like the fit and the right shoes (it is always about the shoes)

Let me show you a few things good looking;

First things first, you need to make sure that your suit fits. If you can comfortably high five or hug your buddy the coat fits well. The shirt cuffs should not slide up when you stretch your arms. Your vest should also button comfortably hitting below the waistband of your pants.
(This is very important). If you cannot fit one finger between the collar of your shirt and your neck then you are not a comfortable man in a nice suit and I hope you can breathe. I prefer the trousers well fitted because then your butt looks nice and I get to look at a man with a nice butt in a nice suit. Do you see when the condom-sense comes in?

Make sure to dress your body type. If you are shorter, trust the single-breasted jacket. Double-breasted jackets can make you look like you are drowning in the fabric and that will not get you laid because it will make you appear smaller. Let’s talk buttons, I always notice when guys do this. Buttons are more than buttons, I can tell how stuck up you are based on how you have done your buttons. 

Two button jackets, button the top one only. It gives the jacket a nice fit especially when you are moving around. I thought about using only Beckham for this post but where is the fan in that?

                                     Seriously, where is the fun in that? Hello Mr. Nice watch 

With three-button jacket, button only the middle jacket and the top one if you really want. When sitting down, sit down like a boss by unbuttoning your jacket. I think that is the sexiest thing a guy can ever do with a jacket. Or just don’t button the jacket at all. Remember to leave the bottom button for funerals. Yes, that’s how deep it is.

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If you want to leave the tie behind and you leave two buttons undone then that’s okay. The two button rule is important. This shows confidence, relaxation and sexiness. Leave the two buttons undone.

Black ties are formal. Colored ties can do anything, don’t be afraid to be around with colors when it comes to ties but it can also depend on the color of your suit just make sure it does not take away the focus of the suit. Christian Grey changed the way we think about grey ties so you know what to do with those.  

I like this suit week thing going on.  Your way to GQ is HERE.


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