Men's Fashion: Would you be mad if a woman looked better in a suit? #GQSuitWeek

I have been getting feedback from my previous post and I wanted to comment on one particular comment. It said something about men being simple, that they would not care whether a woman dressed nice or not. Yes I agree with that to an extent. Men are simple, but when the law of attraction and fashion meet, you might prefer me in a red dress rather than my high school senior sweatshirt.

Whenever I see a woman doing something that a man usually does like maybe being the first NFL full time woman referee (Congratulations Sarah Thomas) or a woman rocking a suit; “YAASS BITCH YAAAS” is the reaction on my Runway.

Do you think your man would be upset if you looked better in a suit? Maybe a little jealous? I get jealous when guys have nice lashes: You won’t believe how expensive mascara is. And to the men, how much do you love seeing a woman wearing a suit better than you? P.S My inner feminist is taking a sip of her martini while putting her feet up as I ask this.

Here are some of the women who made me go YAAS BITCH YAASSS on Instagram. 

Ashley Owens being my role model with the guys from HVRMINN & CO. YAASS BITCH YAAASSS!!

 Fashion Icon Nicole Warne in this chic glen-checked outfit. Tell me you don’t want to give her a YAASS BITCH YAAASSS!!

Here is Nicole gaining another YAASS BITCH YAAASSS!!

 Erica Pittiuomo being flawless in Florence, Italy. Di si cagna!!! That’s YAASS BITCH YAAASSS!! In Italian.

 This is from the DKNY Men Spring 2015 campaign and Cara Delevigne is totally having a YAASS BITCH YAAASSS!! Moment.

Images are blurry, blame Instagram 


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