Lasell Runway 2015: Non-Textile

Before we get into the senior collections, there are a few scenes from the Undergraduate fashion show that I wanted us to check out. This might also be my own way of holding onto the senior moment for as long as I can because a few moments ago, I walked out of my last class as a college student. So bear with me as I take my time to share with you the future designers of America.
I am saying this for every scene because the fashion show was honestly better than ever. At some point, I almost forgot that I was at a college fashion show until I saw the designs that my friends spent sleepless nights creating. There were a lot of things walking down the runway, if I had to choose one design that stood out for me was the one made out of condoms to promote safe sex. Don’t tap it until you wrap it.

I might be a little biased because I am a Laser and we take our fashion seriously but the design student work very hard. Take a look at the non-textile scene from Runway 2015. Photographs taken by William Downey. 

There are more designs  BACKSTAGE. 


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