Runway 2015: Dashaun Hightower Designs

In everything you do, you can go big and go home or you can just go home. Either way, the semester is over, class of 2015 is graduating and we are going home. Dashaun Hightower did not go home without a show because his collection was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I am a fan of everything he designs, he has a way of designing for the hip chic girl and the guy who is brave enough to wear anything.

His collection cikuq inspired from the Inuit people of North America was very brave. With this collection, the essence of the Inuit culture is infused into modern silhouettes with the main purpose of cross pollinating two cultures. Cross pollinating is what he did because (in lack of better words) I lost my shit when I saw his models walk the runway in fur with their faces covered. To know me is to know that I love fur so you can imagine how I felt. I do not know much about the Inuit culture but I think I will start from here.

What do you think of the collection?

 You are always welcome to come BACKSTAGE.

 I might need these beauties when the winter returns.
 Congratulations on a beautiful collection.

Photography taken by William Downey 


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