Fashion News: Jane Birkin nolonger wants her name on the Hermès bag.

Fashion is not always frivolous, in its own fucked up way, we care about meaningful thing. Actress and singer Jane Birkin requested Hermes to remove her name from the Birkin bag and they responded to her request this morning. The bag was named after her but after reports surfaced that the brand uses cruel practices to slaughter crocodiles and alligators to make the bag, the actress did not want her name associated with the bag anymore. Although Hermès denied that the farm belonged to them, I am not buying that because just like you, I know the ugly things that make fashion beautiful.

I will admit; I love fur probably more than the next girl. As a matter of fact, every winter, I just wish to be decked in all fur but I do not support the cruel treatment of animals in the name of fashion. That is heartless and it is not right so shout out to Jane Birkin for not standing up to that shit. PETA released a statement thanking Jane Birkin for her decision. “PETA, on behalf of all kind souls in the world, thanks Ms Birkin for ending her association with Hermès which makes grotesque handbags that were revealed in a PETA exposé to be constructed from the skins of factory-farmed and cruelly slaughtered crocodiles,” said PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk.

This reminds me of the sad news concerning Cecil the lion. If you do not know, Cecil was the start attraction for the tourists visiting the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Last week, it was killed by an American dentist who visits Africa regularly to hunt big game paid atleast $50,000 to hunt Cecil. He paid $50,000 to kill an animal but then again a Birkin bag costs between $15,000 to $95,000. A Birkin bag is more expensive than the life of a lion. He might have paid to kill for fun but you also paid to get crocodiles cruelly killed for luxury and as a person who would love to have a Birkin bag on my hand, I will remember to take the Birkin way because if I did not, it would mean that I support the cruel treatment of animals in the name of fashion.
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I wonder whether this means that the iconic bag is about to get a name change. Do you think Jane Birkin made the right move? I would love to hear your opinions about Cecil the lion as well.
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