Mad Men Costumes on Sale

If you are like me and your Sundays are not the same because they no longer include Mad Men, here is a way you can bring a part of the show in your life.  Screenbid, an online source for authentic film and TV memorabilia is auctioning 1,384 items from the seven seasons of Mad Men. Some of these include Don Draper’s suits, Joan Harris’ navy pumps, Peggy Olsen’s handbag, Ken Consgrove’s black lace up shoes. You can bring Don to your bathroom because his brown and blue flannel robe with slippers is up for auction too: I always loved that robe. This is very exciting.  The bidding starts today at 12 PM and ends August 6 at 12 PM and the prices start as low as $50 which is not too bad. There are more items HERE you should definitely check it out. If only I could get my hands on a Don Draper….


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