Men's Spring 2016: This ones for the men! Rejoice because 2016 is all about you

Lets start off by saying eeep! The Men's Spring 2016 Fashion Week was awesome. Some interesting things are going to happen to men's wear in the coming year and we need to help you get ready or at least prepare your eyes for what's to come.
From what the runways are showing us, it seems as though we might have to say bye to the slim fit/skinny look men had going on for these past few years (Que the sad music). I am just as sad as you are, trust me, but the show must go on.

Lets begin with the "Fine and Dandy" trend coming our way. This look here is more of the editorial version of it but you get the picture (Pun intended). The pants are higher in the waist and the length of the pants are also higher. Then we have the wide leg making a comeback, giving the look a more relaxed fit. I'm sure some of you could easily pull off the wide leg look.

Then on almost every designer runway we have the trench coat or as style magazine is calling some of them Captains Jackets. Some examples:
This gorgeous Mcqueen Captain's Jacket is just incredible. The cut, where it hits the legs, the perfect amount of sleeves showing under the jacket, it's great.   

Following Mcqueen we have one of Alexander Wang's take on the coat which is just as badass as he is. Why badass? Well because it's not the traditional close fitting jacket you see. This one has zippers, buttons, a vest under and more. Love it! (He also has more jackets as part of his 2016 collection)

Hoping this will help prepare you for what is to come in 2016 when you go shopping. Let me know how it goes too! 


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