Men's Style: "Good Looks, Good Books. #nokindles"

Having style is different from being fashionable and to me; style in a guy is one of the biggest requirement on my runway. I don’t mean that I want him looking like an updated Club Monaco. I’m talking about the style that you cannot buy; we buy fashion. I like reading, I like books and I still get the New York Times when I go to grab my coffee. In a generation that is run by technology, there is nothing that screams style and sexiness more than seeing a nice handsome fella reading a book. I will let a guy in a plain gray t shirt with a book in his hands walk down my runway before Mr. fashion any day. David Beckham in a plain shirt reading is sexier than David Beckham in a Gucci suit. I like me a smart guy. 

We spend a lot of money to impress people but it’s really not that deep because when I finally get you out of your expensive nice suit –which I will and your inner style is not as trendy then I am kicking you off the runway like a bad trend. A New York page called HotDudesReading on the train and because of them, I didn't need my tea to start a day. There is something about a hot dude reading that will leave a girl feeling blessed.

Yali : "How wrong. Completely disregarding the rules of no leaning on the door. here, just lean on me."

Between you and me, that denim with the leather is so badass.  

And to the ones wearingscarves, you are the favorite on the runway.

The act itself makes a plain white shirt very stylish and trendy: groundbreaking.

I loved this page. Check it out and see if you can find your Man Crush Monday there with good looks, a good book and no kindle  in his hands. 


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