Michael Kors cares in his own way.

If you have been on my runway long enough, you know how I feel about Michael Kors as a brand.  But apparently Michael Kors is a better man than he is a brand. He was recently named the UN World Food Programme (WFP) Global Ambassador and I believe in their mission to a point that Kors just doing this even if it’s for publicity (who knows) it makes me like him a little bit more. He is not as basic as his designs. This is us falling in love Mr. Kors.

Kors launched the Watch Hunger Stop initiative in 2013 with two unisex watches. For every watch sold, 100 children are fed through the initiative. Now that is style. Did you know that in the past two years, he has helped to provide more than 10 million meals to kids through WFP’s School Meals Programme? But he could also do better because I can feed a whole village for two weeks with a Kors’ bag on sale but you know what they say, a beggar has no choice.

He is joined by Kate Hudson in this year’s campaign. The actress will help Kors launch and promote two limited edition styles of the designer’s Bradshaw watch. This would have given him higher ratings on my runway of he did it because that’s what he wants but there is a catch for him; nevertheless, that is very thoughtful of him. I think we can beat this hunger thing because it is not a feeling I would wish on my worst enemy and if you can do anything about it, then do it. even though it means that your brand is gaining publicity from it. It’s a selfless selfish act.
So thank you Mr. Kors! The watch is very nice: especially the men’s one, there is something sexy with a very subtle flash to it wand I love it.

 Despite what your opinion is, there is one less hungry child because of this marketing strategy so I will fall for it.  Have a great weekend. I’m hosting a cultural gala this weekend which is going to be fun. 
-Reginah out!


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