Yali to the Runway.

I connect with fashion differently than most people do so when I meet someone who views fashion the same way I do, I try my best to make them stay on my runway as long as I can. Last week, I asked Yali to join me on my Runway and I was beyond excited when she said yes. We worked on a couple of fashion projects together in college and that is why I am  trusting her to drop some fashion knowledge on my runway. It would be nice to have a different opinion and voice.

Yali’s style is simple and classic. She loves tees. Jeans and converse as much as the next girl but when it comes to dressing up, she is expressive and very dramatic. Not one to shy away from mixing and matching prints either.  When it comes to designers, she adores Diane von Furstenberg with a special heartbeat for   Alexander McQueen (Rest in Style). It is also a plus that we agree on anything Beckham. 

Welcome to my Runway Yali!!


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