You scream, I scream, CONVERSE!

I don't know anyone who is as excited as I am today. It's Tuesday. It's going to be a good day. Why, do you ask? The new Converse, Chuck II, have officially been released! Oh yeah.

As some of you read on Reginah's post about me, I am a girl who loves her Converse. My closet is chuck full of 'em (LOL see what I did there?)

Converse are such an easy shoe. They pretty much go with everything. I wear Converse with jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, everything. Best part is that anyone and everyone can wear them, and they still look good even when they have holes and are shredded.

I'm going to give you only three reasons why you NEED to buy the new Converse. Ready?

1. New soles! If you own any Chucks or have seen them, the soles are just that, soles. With these new soles, sockliners as Converse calls them, you can definitely be sure to be more comfortable doing whatever you like. These new liners are way softer then the regular soles of sneakers. It's foam core that is encased within more foam, making it super lightweight and more cushion for your step.
I have met a few people who said Converse sneakers kind of hurt their feet, well these liners were created for comfort and to help reduce pressure points on feet. Let's see you complain about these!

 2. Have you seen the new interior? How about the new canvas?
Instead of JUST canvas, the new Converse have a padded non-slip tongue. That tongue ain't going anywhere. With the non-slip tongue also comes support and comfort around your ankle which is a huge step-up for Converse.
Then as you can see in the picture, new lining on the inside (*Fan girl scream*).
Super soft micro-suede lining. I don't even think that needs to be explained.

To top it all off, the cherry on top, the frosting to the cake, NEW CANVAS! High quality and touch canvas. This canvas is beautiful. Rich in texture and still looks like the traditional Chucks we all know and love.

3. Last but not least, my favorite part about Converse- their price. Guess how much these sneakers cost. $200? Nope. Lower. $150? Nope. Keep going. $100? Ha. No.
They are only $75. New concept, new shoe, same design, just better quality and only $75.

Listen, if I haven't sold you on the idea of buying these new Converse, then I think I have failed as a Chuck lover.

Go to a Converse store, Journeys, somewhere, please! Try them on. Let us know what you think and how many pairs you bought.



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