African Style: Midget Giraffe Brand

I am always on the lookout for the hottest African designers. Your work might be expensive for me and you might not even ship to my zip code yet but it doesn’t stop me from loving your fashion point of view. The Midget Giraffe is a clothing line that I stumbled upon on Instagram a few weeks ago. I don’t but I have been tapping their posts twice ever since. You know it’s real when I can see me and my sister wearing it and me and Linda need to coop almost all of these designs. Which we are planning to. 

My sister Linda needs this skirt in her closet.
 I like the Midget Giraffe life…..

 This is more of my style

Like how dope is that? A Midget Giraffe! Fit for a fabulous Queen. Like you, me and my sister. Check out this print. 

 And for the bulls.

 Here is an interesting giraffe fact, female giraffes are called cows and male giraffes are called bulls. So is a cow a cow if a giraffe can be a cow?  I know a few gentlemen on my runway who would rock the Midget Giraffe!

Even Ariane from Love & Hip Hop loves the line. She was seen rocking this look during the season finale.

Thank you for stopping by my runway. What do you think of this Midget Giraffe


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