Men's Fashion: Florals are for the men too!

In case you haven't look good in floral prints!
Get aboard this train. This is a must, so listen up (ha! That kind of rhymed).

Men, let me tell you, you look sexy in floral prints, as long as you know how to pull it off and are confident in your choice. That is always numero uno. Be confident. If you are confident, you can pull off anything you want.

I am going to share with you my men's fashion bible. I hope you love it as much as I do, study it, live it, be one with it. It's an Instagram page @highfashionmen . This page knows what they are talking about when it comes to men's fashion and I want to share them with you.

With pictures from their instagram page I want to show you lovely men different ways on how to wear floral prints and still look bad ass.

Option #1: Just enough to be a little daring- Ties.
This first tie here as you can see is a little more simplistic, and made even more simple with a white button up under. Good choice for men who are a more conservative when it comes to fashion, but still a good choice, and on point.

The second tie is a bolder look, more daring. Here we have a dark colored tie with bright colored flowers. Then the tie is paired with a black and white polka dot shirt. This look is my absolute favorite.
I can understand some of your hesitation here. Mixing prints and such? Yes. Mix prints up. It's more fun and it creates a fun and funky look. Mixing prints is easily achieved. All you have to do is mix the same colors up in different patterns or prints. That's it.

Option #2: Go half way and wear a floral button up. There are different types of floral patterns and whatever you feel more comfortable in will work. These two pictures are just options. The first is somewhat subdued because of the colors of the flowers. 
The second option for a button up is a more busy pattern but its put together with simple black. Black blazer and black tie. It all comes together great.

Option #3: For the more daring and bold in fashion- the floral blazer. I am not going to lie,...this is a super hard look to pull off. If you can do this PLEASE send us pictures so we can post it and give you all the props you absolutely deserve. (P.S. this picture is not from the instagram page @highfashionmen)
To pull a floral blazer off, it's usually easier to only have the blazer in floral print. If you do pants too it might be overpowering. Pair the blazer with basic colors- button up and pants. It will still look good and trust me you will definitely look bad ass in that blazer.

Please show us here on Reginah's Runway how you pull off the flower look. We want to see!


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