Men are here- First weekend back on campus

It's Tuesday! You know what that means. Friday is just that much closer! Which brings about my question for you guys...What are you wearing out on the town or to the bar this weekend?

Men, fall is quickly approaching. It's basically here. Time flew this year and I still can't believe that it's almost September and school has started for some people and others are starting to move back on campus (Cue the tears since Reginah and I just graduated college). 

Our question for you is what are you going to wear for your first weekend back at school? Are you going out with friends or are you being the host with the most? Either way, you gotta dress to impress and make sure all eyes are on you. Reginah and I are here to help you figure this out and make it easy and simple to put together.

This look can go either way- bar hopping out in Boston or dorm/house party.

This is called the greaser style (if you have ever seen the movie Grease you'd understand..if you haven't hurry up and watch it).
With this look you can casual it down or dress it up. Super easy, super simple.

To casual it down a little, get yourself some kickass boots like the Levi Sahara boots. Those boots are freaking amazing! Men GET THEM! Anyways...pair the boots with some straight fitting jeans or similar, cuff the bottom of the jeans (Messy cuff or what is shown in the above pic will do). 

What are you going to wear up top? 
Easy! If you are just going to be partying at school just wear a plain tee. Keep it simple, nothing too overboard or fancy. You'll still look good, especially since the freshmen guys will probably be wearing shorts or something. Keep it classy upper classmen!

If you are going out, you can wear a casual button up, a nice sweater with the sleeves rolled up, you could even wear a hoodie if you want. Either way it will look good.
Send us pics of your first weekend back on campus looks! You can tag them Backstage.


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