Men’s Style: I am not here for Suisey Fanwear.

          I believe that suits are to women what lingerie is to men. Have you ever seen a gentleman in a nice fitted suit with the right shoes and he looks better than Cheesecake? A nice suited suit is a boner but most importantly, a piece of suit is something that should be respected and I wish people especially men would not disrespect it.

         Reading my metro on my way to work is one of my favorite things, I am not as keen on eating on the train so I cannot have my tea but the newspaper is as good as a cup of tea on a Thursday morning. You can see Friday from here and Mistresses is on.  The feminist in me was furious when I read the article about these New England guys who are making half suit, half jersey pieces and calling them suisey.  An idiot came up with the idea of slapping a name and number on the back of a suit jacket and won a prize over it. I see why this could be exciting if you had the same fashion mentality but I am not here for suiseys 

   They are waiting for the professional leagues to give them an official license. It costs $100,000 for a licensing fee. While they wait to have that kind of company, they are branding to Southern colleges where football is a religion. The south is very far from my runway so I guess if I act like this suisey thing is not happening, it is not happening. If you cannot see why this suisey can’t be a thing then you are wrong. If you want a suit jacket with Tom Brady on the back then you can get them HERE ranging from $139- $179 and I do not want to hear about it.  But no man of mine is going to be caught in a suisey and there is no place for him on my runway. My judgment is not on the product but the idea of the product itself. It’s a NO from my runway. 

What do you think of the suiseys? I hate to admit, the name of it sounds dope but the idea. I just can’t. 
Thank you for walking on my runway, thank you for taking off your suiseys.


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